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Lifetime warranty is not worth the paper it's printed on.
I've owned an astra gtc vxr for 3 years it was sold under the pretence of a lifetime warranty. In it...
Hotpoint are disgraceful!
Waiting since 29th April to get our Hotpoint washing machine fixed!! Absolutely terrible customer se...
Tesco's great customer service
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Just for a change, I thought I would rave about something good. I recently bought some raspberries f...
To whom it may concern....****POOR SERVICE**** ****POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE***** ***STAY AWAY FROM SHOP...
Been cut off
Vodafone have cut my off for no reason for 3 days. I have no service and called them and they admit ...
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"Gatwick sent me £50 for bad customer service and my parking charge was refunded. Thanks so much for all your help"