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Vauxhall passing the buck
1 signature
Sorry ive had to do this but vauxhall have put me right in a mess with these zafira fires my story i...
Vauxhall over turning liability
1 signature
Vauxhall solicitors duan morris is now over turning the orginal liability saying its not their fault...
vauxhall now saying not their fault overturned liability by duan morris
1 signature
hi going back 2 years ago my self and my 3 year old daughter got trapped in a burning zafira caused ...
3 signatures
Northumberland County Council have brought in a B.I.D to Hexham with little real consultation and ha...
O2 mobile service in Aberfoyle
2 signatures
There has been no mobile signal in Aberfoyle for 8 x weeks. Customer services will not respond to my...
Morano table and alcora dinning chairs
1 signature
So me and my partner bought a dining table and chairs back last year in May, the metal on the botto...
Please save The Queens Head at Wing
18 signatures
An ode to The Queens Head from the inhabitants of Wing and surrounding villages... Please save ou...
Injustice and unfair treatment of veterans
1 signature
Veterans wounded AFTER 5th April 2005 get compensation those injured BEFORE that date get no compens...
Wren kitchen nightmare!
1 signature
So nearly 3 years later...Wren still haven't finished my kitchen! They are refusing to change the fa...
incorrect sofa
1 signature
Ordered my first sofa August Bank holiday weekend 2016, took me ages to decide on style and colour w...
My brand new 2014 Zafira death trap
2 signatures
My Zafira was bought brand new with 6 miles on the clock from Brandish Vauxhall in coventry. The car...
Vauxhall ZAFIRA B recall campaign and potential legal action
1040 signatures
We are thrilled that we have secured commitment from the reputable law firm Kingsley Napley to suppo...
Mobile phone scam
1 signature
On 09/10/2016 my 18 year old Daughter was tricked into entering what looked like a completion to win...
Take your money but don't provide a customer service
2 signatures
A year ago my phone lost signal (def my phone as my husband is also Vodafone and he would have signa...
National Lottery App may have cheated us all
2 signatures
Some months ago the National Lottery had an App that could check your ticket and tell you if you had...
Group action against bounts for breach of consumer law
200 signatures
Lost your BOUNTS? Left with points you can't use? Feel like you've wasted your time trying to redee...
Monthly bin collections? WHAT A LOAD OF RUBBISH
5 signatures
... and vermin, smells, inconvenience and cost.The nation goes backwards, bin collections moving to ...
Billing usage and overall customer service
2 signatures
Please stay away from Vodafone. They are the worst company I have ever had the displeasure in dealin...
1 signature
I am a platinum customer and they did a reward points but I have never received anything and been to...
1 signature
Because they take more money from there customers than they should then dont give it back thrre thei...
Sent in for repair and never got the phone back!
2 signatures
Hi there, Please help me to get my phone back. As you have seen on the photo, job was created on 30...
Gearbox Fault
1 signature
my Daughters Car broke down 3 weeks ago and got taken to Vauxhall in Aberdeen. They advised that it ...
Epsom County Council rubbish tips dictates
2 signatures
Epsom County Council nazis are imposing the following for ratepayers. Anymore that one bag of rubbis...
Meriva power steering failure/hidden zafira engine
11 signatures
DON'T EVEN TOUCH A VAUXHALL WITH A BARGEPOLE.... if you value your life, I have a 2003 vauxhall meri...
11 signatures
you • 22h 39 minutes ago • Liverpool via mobile MY CAR HAS HAD PROBLEMS SINCE 2011 HAD 2 RECALL...
12 signatures
Independent group action against Southern Rail where all else has failed!
7 signatures
We want to improve the lives of commuters experiencing the appalling service of Southern Rail on a d...
Wren Kitchens must be investigated - Stuff of nightmares
262 signatures
*** UPDATE to all Wren sufferers! ***We now have over 250 dissatisfied Wren customers who have signe...
1 signature
I bought a Veho bluetooth speaker on 3rd June, took 3 weeks to arrive Upon receiving it, firstly th...
Daylight Robery
1 signature
Booked a package holiday with for 4 days, flights and accomodation to Barcelona flyin...
Racism experienced from staff
1 signature
On the 11th June 2016 I took my 10 year old daughter and a group of her friends to Orpington paintba...
Quality of build
1 signature
What can you say about Bovis homes, probably the most inept, incompetent managed company I have ever...
Harveys Furniture diabolocial trading standards must be investigated.
190 signatures
I am at my wits' end. I ordered a 3 piece sofa from Harveys which they promised would be delivered b...
118 signatures
Are you a person who is fed up with live chat getting nowhere? Are you being left on hold for hours ...
Hotpoint customers have had enough!
1657 signatures
Please sign this if you want this company investigated and the individuals who've had their consumer...
Bus Lanes in Guildford
4 signatures
There is always normal drivers using this bus lane and the council should do something to punish the...