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What is Soapbox?
Soapbox is a free service to resolve your customer service gripes, helping to expose the companies that do not care about good service as much as we do and championing the ones that do!
Soapbox offers you a quick, secure and effective solution to get your voice heard. If you want to have a rant, get your complaint resolved or start your own campaign you've come to the right place.

Soapbox is a platform for the people. The whole ethos of Soapbox is about empowering you and facilitating real change. We're brave, we're bold, we're different, completely independent and passionate about upholding consumers' rights.
What makes Soapbox different?
Soapbox is a Not For Profit Organisation. We provide you with the platform to get real action. Unlike other petition or resolution sites that charge or give no visibility or possibility to get in touch with your supporters (they control the lists even though it is your campaign) - you have full autonomy with Soapbox. We are completely independent. This means that even if your campaigner leaves or moves to pastures new, you are still in control of your cause. We also liaise directly with the organisation to resolve your complaint.
How does Soapbox resolve your complaint?
Once you've posted your rant, our team escalates your complaint to the company in question to get some action, working with the media and regulators where necessary and promoting your story on social media.
What happens if an organisation doesn't respond?
We give the company time to respond, respecting their "response time". But when we are merely fobbed off either with corporate jargon, or worse, blatant disregard, then the company is named and shamed with the appropriate "Fobbed Off" status.
Our platform raises awareness of poor service so at least others can be warned before spending their hard earned cash or precious time only to end up being let down. We also share with media and local press where we feel this is warranted.
Become a Soapbox campaigner!
It's never been easier to start and share your own campaign and invite others to join the battle with our simple "invite button".

You can view and share any posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or
A rant or campaign on Soapbox will generate a huge amount of interest on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Using the hashtag #letstakeastand and/or #soapboxshout will make sure you're seen by the right people. 

When we see a correlation between rants and campaigns you will be given the opportunity of joining forces with others in a similar situation to further strengthen your cause.
Championing the good!
Happily we're able to resolve many issues quickly. We love to champion the companies that do care enough to put things right and change perceptions. You can have a rave here.
Who's behind Soapbox?
Our quest to improve things began in 2014 as a group of friends sick of being fobbed off and witnessing ourselves, colleagues and those close to us hopelessly navigating the corporate bullshit of bad service. The response we've had convinces us even more that there is a genuine need to uphold consumer rights and that we're doing the right thing.
Running this service in our free time is keeping us busy but it's exciting. Soapbox is not just another automated platform. We're brave, we're bold, we're real and we're here to help you.

You can trust the Soapbox platform. The ethos of our service is to champion consumer rights and promote transparency. For further information read how we safeguard your Privacy and our Terms of use.
Where's the catch?
There isn't one. Yes, we're free. We're not making money. We're not selling your data. We're a group of friends who care about making a positive difference and empowering ourselves and others to get the better service we deserve. We've come too far to turn back now having seen how little help there is out there to take a stand against bad customer service.
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