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Pure Clinic
Pure Clinic have been pure hell!
Resolved 27 Jul 2016
I paid Pure clinic £1195 directly for the six monthly fixed brace on the 21st May 2015. Had the im...
Pure Clinic
No refund!
I paid £1,095.00 for a Six Months Smile at Pure Clinic but cancelled before treatment asking for re...
Pure Clinic
I paid £3950 for teeth implants and was told if not suitable I would get a full refund (Aug 2105) I...
Pure Clinic
I paid for 6 veneers in Sept 2015 and on day of appointment they cancelled saying they were no longe...
Pure Clinic London
Six Month Smiles
I am 80% way through my six month smile (braces) treatment with a company called Pure Clinic. Their ...
Pure Clinic
Company looks to have gone bust
I paid in full for invisalign and dental veneers. I paid in full up front after seeing an offer on G...
Pure Clinic
No refund
Paid £795 for a 6 month smile, pure clinic processed my payment in a timely manner (on the day) 1 m...
Pure Clinic
Refund - why do I still not have it?!
I paid £795 with pure clinic for the six month smiles treatment in August 2014. I had my first cons...
Pure Clinic
6 Month Smile Braces Refund
I paid upfront for braces on the terms and with email confirmation that i would get a full refund if...
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