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In progress
Fobbed off
Customer Service or lack there of!
Resolved 19 Dec 2017
I've numbered Vodafone's failings for my own peace of mind and for reference. I checked my account ...
Unauthorized payments
Resolved 21 Nov 2017
So a year after leaving Vodafone PAYG I have had to cancel my bank account, and open a new one to st...
Repair Plan - Not honoured
Resolved 15 Nov 2017
I'm really disappointed with the process and time taken for a repair/replacement of one of our lapto...
No refund for over 2 weeks
Resolved 30 Oct 2017
On 31 August 2017, I placed an order for a sofa on Argos's website. Delivery was supposed to be on t...
Waiting for my £150 back
Resolved 22 Aug 2017
Was over charged £150 on my phone bill, spoke to Vodafone and my price plan was downgraded to 2gb o...
Contact promises
Resolved 15 Aug 2017
This is the email I have sent to Vodafone explaining the issue. I am yet to hear back. I am still ...
Preorder for iPhone 7 plus 128GB jet black
Resolved 08 Aug 2017
Hey this was my complaint against Vodafone UK ..... So fustrated with you guys! Cant ever even find...
Ongoing Issues
Resolved 10 Jul 2017
Hi Soapbox Shout, I wondered if you could help me forward the below email to someone at Vodafone th...
Been cut off
Resolved 19 Jun 2017
Vodafone have cut my off for no reason for 3 days. I have no service and called them and they admit ...
£175 credit!!
Resolved 31 May 2017
My monthly phone bill was £174 odd following a holiday to mexico...fine i expected it & paid it...
Broadband Speeds
Resolved 28 May 2017
Moved into my property in Jan 2008. I was advised by Sky my Broadband speed should be between 3-11mb...
The worst company I've ever dealt with in my life!
Resolved 23 May 2017
So this'll be a long one so I'lll start from the begining of what's been happening with my services ...
Billing and usage
Resolved 17 May 2017
Please stay away from Vodafone. They are the worst company I have ever had the displeasure in dealin...
Laptop and Sony 55
Resolved 25 Apr 2017
Bought Laptop from Bridgend branch of PC World/Currys at beginning of December 2015. It started free...
Repeated non-delivery. Total lack of communication
Resolved 12 Apr 2017
Paid £5 for delivery of £200 of groceries on Saturday afternoon between 3 and 4pm. It didn't show ...
Vodafone and shocking service
Resolved 11 Apr 2017
I have had on going problems with Vodafone for over 3 weeks and they have no cut my phone off now ha...
New vivaro
Resolved 20 Feb 2017
Buy the new vivaro they said, better than the old model What a joke, not 13 months old and already ...
BT Broadband
Broadband connection
Resolved 20 Feb 2017
Told BT moving home on 19/8 (move taking place on 23/8). Assured fibre infinity available in new add...
Lost sofa - non delivery now on 4th arrangement
Resolved 20 Jan 2017
So my aunt ordered a suite which was to be delivered on 25th October. Room cleared as requested and...
Corner suite not delivered and no settee!!!
Resolved 16 Jan 2017
Why is it ok after taking all of my money to leave me and my family without living room furniture, a...
Faulty couches , terrible customer services
Resolved 15 Jan 2017
Purchased Guvnor corner couches in red, dye come off onto clothes and throws that we had to cover th...
Poor Customer Service and non delivery of a Sofa
Resolved 12 Jan 2017
I ordered a sofa on the 20th July. Due for delivery on the 3rd Sept. After texting me on the 2nd t...
Vodafone swipe £458 for a service I didn't sign up for
Resolved 04 Jan 2017
I left Vodafone (mobile contract) for EE via Carphone Warehouse in June 2016. I followed all instruc...
Sent in for repair and never got the phone back!
Resolved 03 Oct 2016
Hi there, Please help me to get my phone back. As you have seen on the photo, job was created on 30...
Network issues
Resolved 21 Dec 2016
Hello Sir/Madam, Thanks for your email. However, our team only handle requests for insurance d...
Upgrade disaster
Resolved 16 Dec 2016
On the day of the iPhone 7 release I went into the Tottenham Court Road branch to upgrade my phone. ...
Yet to receive device submitted for repair
Resolved 15 Dec 2016
Complaint raised @ YuForm -
Virgin Media
Wont give back money stolen
Resolved 13 Dec 2016
This is so tiring to go thro it all again. I ended my contract with virgin media after 20 odd yrs. ...
Downloading bills
Resolved 06 Dec 2016
All I need are the last three months' bills. I cannot download ANYTHING from your site due to these ...
John Lewis
Poor Service from John Lewis. Made to measure Curtains arrived too long and uneven
Resolved 04 Dec 2016
I ordered some made to measure curtains on 09/11/16 (order 92136682) as I was having a big party for...
John Lewis
Failed to send out promised gift card now curtains price have increased
Resolved 30 Nov 2016
On 03.09.16 i placed an order for £175.00 this meant that I qualified for the £5 gift card special...
Cancelling my number in error, transferring my number for a week now...
Resolved 21 Nov 2016
My contract with Vodafone came to an end on 15 October 2016. I purchased another contract with Vodaf...
extremely poor customer relations and service....
Resolved 20 Nov 2016
All started when Vodafones insurance wouldn't fix 1 of my 5 phones as the phone hadn't apparently be...
Incompetent staff!!
Resolved 16 Nov 2016
4 weeks ago I called Vodafone because I noticed that they said I owed the previous months bill on th...
Faulty Chassis: Collapsing Handlebar
Resolved 07 Nov 2016
Since having my children I have bought the Cherry (Oct 2010) and then the Peach 3 (Oct 2015) iCandy ...
Bedford Borough Council
Compostable waste
Resolved 06 Nov 2016
Good evening, after moving here 4 years ago from Harpenden, Hertdordshire I am bewildered as to why ...
Bills and charges not matching up
Resolved 01 Nov 2016
They are so useless and the customer service is worst. Paying big expensive bills which shouldn't be...
disgusting standards and service
Resolved 26 Oct 2016
well we stayed at Travelodge in Caernarfon on 19 and 20th September this year and the standards were...
Currys Pc World
Failure to fit a gas hob
Resolved 26 Oct 2016
we ordered an electric oven and gas hob and paid to have them fitted on same day. there were multip...
Debt collectors coming to our door for phone we returned
Resolved 25 Oct 2016
My girlfriend took a phone out with Vodafone on contract but returned it a few days later and cancel...
Carphone Warehouse
Carphone Warehouse refuse to refund my son the money they owe him.
Resolved 21 Oct 2016
My son went on-line to the Carphone Warehouse web site on the 30/03/2016 from his work place to orde...
Barnet Homes
Resolved 17 Oct 2016
I've got a leaking radiator in the front room and one in the bathroom that don't work. I took 3 days...
Sony Customer Service Centre
Sony 49
Resolved 03 Oct 2016
We bought a 49" Sony TV In September 2015, paid GBP 889.00 and also extra for extended warranty (4 y...
Resolved 23 Sep 2016
I paid for delivery never got the service I paid for and they didn't even no where my parcel was on ...
Badly treated. No service for 4 weeks
Resolved 17 Sep 2016
Vodafone cannot activate my SIM card / service Iv had no phone use for 4 weeks. Nobody is helping me...
Novello Hair Removal IPL
IPL hair removal didn't work
Resolved 14 Sep 2016
Hello I had IPL hair removal for a year , for 10 treatments which cost £390 . Did everything instr...
Faulty phones
Resolved 12 Sep 2016
I originally purchased BT call blocker phones 8500 in Jan 2015 these went faulty and were replaced o...
weights bench
Resolved 05 Sep 2016
paid for on line + £3.95 same day delivery for the above on the 15/3/2016, told out of stock but st...
Hot Bargain Phones
mobile phone
Resolved 31 Aug 2016
I bought an iphone 5c last October via 'hush hush' for a Christmas gift for my daughter. In the mon...
Nfl Uk
Resolved 30 Aug 2016
Ordered something off this site before Christmas , still no delivery , phone not answered , emails n...
Faulty microwave returned to Hotpoint. Still waiting for replacement six months later
Resolved 25 Aug 2016
I bought a Hotpoint combi-microwave at the end of August 2015. Like a dutiful consumer, I registered...
Currys / Hotpoint
Hotpoint microwave
Resolved 24 Aug 2016
I bought this microwave from Currys PC World last July, I was extremely alarmed when I saw flames in...
First Utility
electricity meter
Resolved 23 Aug 2016
shortly before i moved house i had a smart meter installed i now rent this house to a couple whom w...
Virgin Media
Didn't deliver my iPhone, trying to charge me for the £500+ contract
Resolved 22 Aug 2016
Hello! I'm currently going through a pretty awful experience with Virgin Media. In summary, I order...
Ordered sofa in April- late delivery, then a wrong and broken delivery, now they can't find our replacement order
Resolved 20 Aug 2016
Well this is a long rant I'm afraid as this has been going on since April and I feel like we've expe...
Thomson Holidays
Sensimar Bavaro
Resolved 12 Aug 2016
In January this year I booked a two week holiday in October at the Sensimar Bavaro Punta Cana in the...
Virgin Media
Resolved 11 Aug 2016
Having virgin media installed in December then being given notice to quit from his address my son ha...
Faulty products
Resolved 10 Aug 2016
Bought a hoover at Argos, got delivered broken. Sent back - returned another broken one. Taken over ...
Resolved 09 Aug 2016
I ordered a suite on Monday and paid a cash deposit the balance to be paid in cash later. On reflect...
Money taken from bank account
Resolved 09 Aug 2016
I did an online shop with Morrisons in December and I got confirmations via email that all was well ...
Park Watch
Invoice find
Resolved 08 Aug 2016
We parked at Deepdale Retail Park, I myself wasn't driving the car that's registered in my name. It...
The Tanning Shop
Accident in salon
Resolved 01 Aug 2016
Below, I have pasted my complaint sent to The Tanning Shop on 04 July 2016, for which I have yet to ...
Lack of delivery
Resolved 29 Jun 2016
Worst customer experience New 3 piece suite due to be delivered Tuesday afternoon, I got home from...
13 month old sofas
Resolved 11 Jun 2016
I wondered why these sofas were causing back pain so took the covers off to investigate. As you can ...
Failed Delivery
Resolved 10 Jun 2016
3 no show deliveries 8 weeks later and still no furniture after a 4 week guaranteed delivery. Discov...
Won't let me leave
Resolved 07 Jun 2016
In a nutshell; since 2013 NPower have messed my account up so much that they block every attemp...
Number Porting
Resolved 28 May 2016
To sum up my experience I would say the left hand does not know what the right hand does at vodafone...
Birmingham City Council
money owing
Resolved 25 May 2016
i am owed £1284.00 pounds from birmingham council. i got in touch on the 13april 16, they informed ...
Faulty Battery
Resolved 24 May 2016
I have an ongoing complaint about a battery which stopped charging two weeks after we bought a RC ca...
Indesit And Hotpoint
tumble dryer
Resolved 23 May 2016
I received a letter in November 2015 to advise my tumble dryer was on the faulty list,advised only t...
Tumble dryer fault
Resolved 12 May 2016
I registered in November about my faulty Tumble dryer, fella came to fix it in march, had to come ba...
Gatwick Parking - Long Stay
How hard can it be to resolve a complaint .........
Resolved 11 May 2016
On Boxing Day I missed my flight - this was due to a broken down transfer bus in the Gatwick Long St...
Tumble dryer recall
Resolved 27 Apr 2016
Engineer visited in January and left saying he had to order more parts. Since his visit, distinct sm...
Theft of Money
Resolved 27 Apr 2016
Vodafone have taken nearly £2,000 out from my account despite cancelling my contract with them afte...
Tumble dryer
Resolved 26 Apr 2016
Why is it your quick to take our money but not quick to correct this major problem? Been waiting sin...
Non delivery off mattress
Resolved 21 Apr 2016
On the 19/12/2015 i ordered a mattress from this company,it stated to allow 7working days for delive...
Resolved 20 Apr 2016
I am livid and absolutely appalled at the fact that I ordered a rug as a gift for us via Groupon on ...
Parking fine in the Wickes car park
Resolved 16 Apr 2016
Went to Wickes in Brighton, looking at new items for the house, including even looking at a new kitc...
Unable to give notice
Resolved 14 Apr 2016
Rang vodafone and spoke to 7 people to cancel my contract as it ends at the end of the month just ke...
Hopefully if nothing else, our experience may deter others from wasting their time with Harveys.
Failed Delivery
Resolved 10 Apr 2016
We ordered a table, chairs and a coffee table on August Bank Holiday and told delivery of 10-12 week...
All resolved, many thanks - door fixed and money received
Door frame damaged and door damaged
Resolved 10 Apr 2016
2 people who looked like they had been picked of the street turned up on Wednesday the 10th debut to...
Resolved after 9 months of chasing
Ripped chair.
Resolved 10 Apr 2016
Finally, after about nine months approximately, we have resolved the issue of the ripped chair that ...
Tumble Dryer
Resolved 05 Apr 2016
i had a tumble dryer delivered direct from Hotpoint in January 2013 which has never been used and is...
Parking Eye
Extortionate charge & unable to contact company to appeal
Resolved 04 Apr 2016
I am so upset. I have been using the carpark at DW Sports now for 2 years taking my son to waterbabi...
Virgin Media
Resolved 31 Mar 2016
Hi I've been with virgin media for about 17 yrs now I've come across to sky because they are cheaper...
RAC Motor Insurance
Cancelled insurance, they still taking payments, cant get refund off them
Resolved 29 Mar 2016
Had insurance for two years with the above mentioned. Bought a new car so had a better quote off ano...
Eureka Forbes
Aquaguard AMC scam
Resolved 08 Mar 2016
I have an AquaGuard Enhance RO that was under AMC for two years, money paid in full in advance. The ...
Thames Water
Supposed unresolved leak.
Resolved 07 Mar 2016
2 years ago Thames Water informed us of a leak. They replaced piping and put in a meter. Several m...
Refusing to honour order
Resolved 02 Mar 2016
I ordered calendars from Printerpix via a Groupon voucher (for once Groupon is not at fault here), f...
Faulty tumble dryer
Resolved 02 Mar 2016
Registered my tumble dryer in November, chased them up end of December/beginning of January to be to...
Being charged despite cancelling contract
Resolved 01 Mar 2016
Cancelled contract in December to go to another provider as was fed up with rising bills and low cov...
Save me from B&Q
Resolved 23 Feb 2016
This is taken from God save me from B&Q....
Faulty product
Resolved 21 Feb 2016
I purchased a dining table and chairs from Harvey's furniture store,first of all they delivered the ...
Dodgy bill
Resolved 19 Feb 2016
My bill in December was a lot higher than my normal bills. I called Vodafone first on a Saturday and...
Yodel's porkies
Resolved 17 Feb 2016
On 12th Feb, I was buying a v last-minute Valentine's gift, so splashed out for next day delivery. 1...
Bad customer service
Resolved 16 Feb 2016
I left the UK to come the states for a few months and paid nearly £400 to pay off my contract early...
What customer service?
Resolved 15 Feb 2016
Below is the message I placed on the unofficial Groupon FB page, if any moderators of Soapbox want t...
Amazing Grates
Poor Workmanship, high price and still not finished.
Resolved 15 Feb 2016
We had a gas fire installed on 4th November 2015 and there were many issues that i felt i needed to ...
Resolved 10 Feb 2016
Dear Vodafone, I am taking to social media to share with you the worst customer experience I have ev...
Resolved 10 Feb 2016
I don't think anyone would agree that the way I've been treated by all staff at Vodafone constantly ...
Unable to cancel
Resolved 08 Feb 2016
Been trying to cancel for couple days short of a month after speaking to 21 yes 21 people to give no...
Pc World Mega Store Swansea
warranty or lack of
Resolved 04 Feb 2016
i recently purchased a TV from PCWorld on black friday . on the day of purchase i had seen the same...
Made to pay twice for VAT and delivery
Resolved 04 Feb 2016
@dhlexpressuk @Soapbox_Shout pay £30 for delivery then pay £30 for delivery at the door! "Wait 5 w...
John Lewis
Laptop purchase
Resolved 03 Feb 2016
Dear leaders of John Lewis, This is a complaint letter for poor service and support for product purc...
No service
Resolved 01 Feb 2016
I have been on holiday in Dubai arrived in the 23rd of Jan have had no service at all after a number...
Resolved 28 Oct 2015
I bought a sofa 19 months from Harvey's . Straight away things went wrong the recline kept sticking ...
Sofa delivery
Resolved 31 Jan 2016
On the 16th October I ordered a sofa from Harveys in Glasgow and was advised that it would take 5 we...
Virgin Media
con to sign up left out of pocket and loss of service
Resolved 27 Jan 2016
I joined virgin media after being told and having in writing a pre contract agreement that I would h...
John Lewis
Don't bother with installation service!
Resolved 27 Jan 2016
Today I received my washer dryer from John Lewis. I know nothing about plumbing so paid £85 for the...
Ignoring a request to cancel an account, changing a direct debit without permission and general lack of customer service
Resolved 26 Jan 2016
I have been trying to cancel an old account I had which was opened around 2008/09. It was in my name...
Phone insurance
Resolved 26 Jan 2016
On behalf of my brother Darren Clark. His phone screen just went black this week so took it to O2 ...
Faulty Laptop
Resolved 26 Jan 2016
My laptop stopped working in September and I sent it back to Lenovo for repair I was told it would t...
No connectivity for 7 days and constantly being lied to
Resolved 25 Jan 2016
I called to report a lost phone, they blacklisted my backup phone I was using until the insurance ca...
Talk Talk
Resolved 25 Jan 2016
After 8wks with no phone in an area of no mobile signal, Talktalk have made me a compensation offer ...
Tough Mudder
Tough Mudder customer service
Resolved 22 Jan 2016
This is my 9th/10th email that I have sent to this company. I'm really losing my will to live with w...
Lack of refund/zero customer care
Resolved 19 Jan 2016
Where do I start!? Paid (v large) bill of 389.53 on 8/12/15. Noticed on 11/12/15 that Vodafone had t...
Where do I start ?!
Resolved 18 Jan 2016
I have been a Vodafone customer for about 20 years, with the same bank details with Direct Debit. In...
Resolved 17 Jan 2016
I ordered a 3 seater recliner sofa and x 2 recliner chairs out of the Bel-Air range on October 11th...
Let down before Christmas
Resolved 17 Jan 2016
We just moved into our first home and had our first baby. Excited we went to Harveys and ordered cor...
Incomplete order
Resolved 13 Jan 2016
I ordered two dehumidifiers with one refill tab each. Definition of 'refill' is something which tak...
Lost upgrade order
Resolved 11 Jan 2016
Telephoned Wednesday to cancel contract due to poor signal. Talked me round with a sure signal boost...
Second cancelled delivery of settee
Resolved 10 Jan 2016
We ordered a settee on Sun 13th Dec with a 3-4 week delivery. We paid deposit only. On Tuesday 15th...
Sofa for Christmas
Resolved 10 Jan 2016
Never in my life have I received such poor customer service. We ordered our sofa on the 1st Novembe...
Harveys Awful
Resolved 10 Jan 2016
Ordered furniture 26th june for my new house and was told by salesman latest date we would recieve i...
Final bill
Resolved 07 Jan 2016
My contract with Vodafone finished on 12/12/2015. I contacted Vodafone in November to arrange termin...
Revised Offer £110 down to £20
Resolved 06 Jan 2016
I upgraded my iphone and went online to sell my old phone, Instead of using ebay i thought i would t...
Xmas GUARANTEED delivery
Resolved 03 Jan 2016
Ordered a sofa in October with the GUARANTEED Xmas delivery to be told 3 days before the scheduled d...
Missing sofa!
Resolved 23 Dec 2015
We chose a sofa from Harveys on 29 September on the basis that it would be with us a few days after ...
Resolved 23 Dec 2015
. I ordered a 3 seater recliner sofa and x 2 recliner chairs out of the Bel-Air range on October 11t...
Company is a joke!!
Resolved 22 Dec 2015
Ordered sofa on two week delivery which was set by harveys themselves. No contact after money paid t...
Need instructions to install a chair
Resolved 20 Dec 2015
No instructions to install a Alizza Relaxer Chair were provided with the package, after an attempt t...
Schuh Head Office Lied
Resolved 14 Dec 2015
We purchased a pair of LelliKelly black patent girls shoes for my daughter who was starting school i...
Canvas Holidays
Damp Van musty & mouldy !
Resolved 13 Dec 2015
Complained of Mustyness after 30mins of checking in , couldn't be moved because of high season for a...
Resolved 13 Dec 2015
Dear soapbox, I sent my bag to Timsons to get a new zip, they told me it would take 6 weeks to fit...
pure clinic groupon
Resolved 07 Dec 2015
I paid for a groupon voucher for pure clinic in Manchester in September and booked an appointment in...
Double billed when upgrading mobile phone
Resolved 06 Dec 2015
I upgraded my iphone through uswitch and then I choose my phone and in the ordering p...
Alton Towers
Who ate the cake?
Resolved 01 Dec 2015
As a surprise birthday/halloween gift, my boyfriend took me to Alton Towers (Sat 31st Oct - Sun 1st ...
Appalling after sales service
Resolved 29 Nov 2015
took delivery of an electric recliner. It lasted just over two weeks before it wouldn't recline. Wel...
Cancel Spotify
Resolved 27 Nov 2015
called Vodafone on the 12th September to cancel my Spotify service. I received a bill on the 25th Se...
Pret A Manger
Pret a manger misuse of broken toilet
Resolved 19 Nov 2015
Pret a manger opposite the national portrait gallery in London had an out of order sign on the toile...
My Account Has Been Hacked & Skype Are Not Doing Anything About It >.<
Resolved 09 Nov 2015
6 days ago my Skype account got hacked. The hacker immediately went on a rampage to either ask my ...
Resolved 08 Nov 2015
I preordered a limited edition item from Zavvi back in July. Since then my wallet was stolen so had ...
My illness compared to a gym membership.
Resolved 13 Jun 2015
So since 28th April, I have been off work due to having issues with my leg that has prevented me fro...
Pure Clinic
6 Month Smile Braces Refund
I paid upfront for braces on the terms and with email confirmation that i would get a full refund if...
Bored of waiting
Resolved 18 Oct 2015
Ordered a sofa and a chair on the 23rd of January to be told 11-12 weeks and we would have it. 22 we...
appalling customer service!
Resolved 18 Oct 2015
I'm posting on behalf of my parents. In a nut shell they were expecting a 3 and a 2 seater sofa 9 we...
faulty item purchased - rubbish service
Resolved 18 Oct 2015
We purchased a three piece from Harveys in December, and have had ongoing troubles since then. It s...
Fiat customer care
We bought a new fiat 500 in June, a factory order. We were told at the time it would be 4-6 weeks wh...
Groupon Scam- Alexanda Hamilton Make up Coure
I booked a make up course with a company called Alexanda Hamilton via Groupon. I paid Groupon for th...
customer service? worse than apalling
Resolved 24 Aug 2015
order no. BR0570-85702284. 3 mths since purchase now 2 mths waiting 4 repair of faulty goods and sti...
British Airways
British Airways Denied Boarding
Resolved 18 Sep 2015
My husband & I planned a holiday to South Africa to visit my mother who had suffered a stroke in Jul...
Harvey's have given me a ten day delivery date, after talking to customer services I have been told ...
Appalling customer service
Resolved 27 Sep 2015
We ordered & paid £600 for a kitchen table & chairs back in May 03/05/15, estimated delivery 14 wee...
John Lewis
John Lewis online and DPD couriers
Resolved 17 Sep 2015
I ordered a picture from John Lewis online. Paid £6.95 for named day delivery to arrive yesterday, ...
John Lewis
John Lewis sucks
Resolved 11 Sep 2015
I ordered a dishwasher and installation from John Lewis. They came, fitted and left...i go away for ...
Zenith Windows
Zenith Windows
We had a couple of nice lads cold call this morning as they were in the area & doing quotes. As it h...
PPI Claims4Refunds
Resolved 04 Sep 2015
I claimed 3 years ago - didn't win. They send it to the Financial Ombudsman - I won. Over a year ag...
Lookers Land Rover
Lookers Landrover Chelmsford
Resolved 03 Sep 2015
If you buy a vehicle from another dealer and have probs under warranty don't expect #lookerslandover...
Legacy Windows
Legacy Windows Bristol
Resolved 02 Sep 2015
Having ordered my doors, and being told of the delivery date, I was contacted on the morning of deli...
Resolved 31 Aug 2015
While delivering my new suite,which one of them was damaged by being dropped by drivers,said drivers...
Ridiculous amounts of postage and phone calls and emails despite having been told NOT to contact us on several occasions, asking us to return to them.
Resolved 26 Aug 2015
We left BT after 2 years of poor service. Low broadband line speeds which were below their minimum ...
Hearst Magazines
Hearst magazine subscription
Resolved 24 Aug 2015
Subscribed to a mag with this company as the gift was a bare minerals product . The product never a...
Vodafone and their rubbish customer service!
Resolved 18 Aug 2015
I was sent a replacement handset for an insurance claim this turned out to be faulty (kept switching...
Sofas 3 months late & counting...
Resolved 23 Aug 2015
Ordered furniture from Harvey's back in February. Due to be delivered in May. Got a call in early Ma...
Dreadful Service and no Recompense
On the death of my father in law we had to purchase a new three piece. We went to Harvey's and paid ...
Unresolved upgrade issue - Shocking customer Service
Resolved 19 Aug 2015
On the 24th July I was called by Vodafone and promised payment plan upgrade of a monthly bill of £5...
Where is my parcel Mango?
Resolved 19 Aug 2015
Placed an order on 29/06/2015 with Mango well aware of their slight delays in delivery due to sale, ...
Resolved 18 Aug 2015
My father set up a care package with currys he bought a TV for £599 the TV broke and currys said th...
Vodafone have overcharged me £25
Resolved 17 Aug 2015
I have recently started a monthly contract with Vodafone. I am paying £24.99 a month for 24 months ...
Morrison's Food
Resolved 15 Aug 2015
Went to Morrison's in Holyhead (Anglesey) and purchased what i expected be two meat and potato pies...
Broken Promises
Resolved 11 Aug 2015
So this issue has been ongoing since March/April of this year. I bought a new phone outright, and as...
Express delivery sofa - 8 weeks and counting!!
Resolved 07 Aug 2015
Purchased an express delivery sofa for immediate dispatch, only to then be advised it could take up ...
Rude, incompetent service at Harveys
In short: Harveys got my order wrong x2 and tried to blame it on me. I have complained by email. No ...
Not Very responsive...
I purchased a Flymo Venturer 32 mower from Very on 19 June. Shortly after arrival on my first attemp...
B & Q delivery
I was home yesterday and B & Q delivered 4 of 5 doors. Also No pre-delivery text. Was delivered nice...
Worst customer service ever and ripped off with £165 for a 'free' leather are kit
Resolved 23 Jul 2015
70 year old mum left £300 deposit for suite. Received quotation only, no invoice. Extenuating cir...
Ordered 2 sofas from harveys. Only 1 got delivered. Phoned customer service they said it hadn't lef...
Resolved 21 Jul 2015
My grandparents ordered a sofa 13wks ago, they're still waiting for it now after being told it'd be ...
asda little angel's nappies
A couple of months ago they were £3.00 a pack for either newborn 1 2 or 3. After asda won a baby/mu...
Turkish Airlines
Turkish Airlines Late 4/4 flights
My partner and I flew from Gatwick to Bahrain via Istanbul on Turkish Airlines. On the way out they ...
Nandos fail
Resolved 10 Jul 2015
Went to nandos in bullring and ordered our meal. Had to wait 20minutes plus for our food and then th...
Bathstore Customer Service
I ordered my whole bathroom suite from Bathstore and paid for delivery service, everything seemed sm...
All I want is the EXPEDIA holiday I have booked AND paid for
Resolved 02 Jul 2015
by Laura Denholm, Booked and paid for in January. In May received an email saying hotel had no avai...
Harveys delivery
Resolved 02 Jul 2015
Had a delivery booked between 7-1 today with Harveys and delivery guys never showed until 5pm!! No c...
Vodafone Website Problems
Resolved 02 Jul 2015
I try to set up Vodafone Euro Traveller so go to their website. It says text ADD to 40506, which i d...
Farnborough Leisure Centre
Have tried to go swimming twice now only to be told that the pool was full and no one else was allow...
Monarch Airlines
Monarch Admin Fee Rip Off
Resolved 23 Jun 2015
I booked through Travel Republic flights with Monarch Air and accommodation as a treat for my wife, ...
Aegon Pension
I have been experiencing extensive delays in transferring the monies from my pension fund from this ...
Misinformation from TripAdvisor
Took a business listing for the 2nd year with TripAdvisor. Then discovered pop up advertising anothe...
Pyrford - Water turns to Ice - Very dangerous!!
After remedial work on Church Hill in Pyrford there is a steady stream of water running off some fie...
Gatwick Parking
Cracked windscreen and Gatwick hell
Hello, I picked up my car from Gatwick Parking Summer Special on 1 May after a 6 day holiday to fin...
Southeastern Railway
South Eastern
It appears that South Eastern are incapable of providing acceptable travel conditions for passengers...
South Eastern High Speed service
@schwarz_sean: I pay £500 a month to stand on high speed train every day between the hours of 5pm a...
Stella Buy a Lady a Drink campaign glasses
Resolved 31 May 2015
Recently I saw a link posted by Stella for the buy a lady a drink campaign. As an avid stella drinke...
Pot holes in the A4146
I'd like to find out how we can get the pot holes sorted on the A4146 on the way between MK and Wing...
Harvey's Furniture store
Ordered and paid up front for a corner sofa bed, arm chair and foot stool in beginning November 2014...
See Tickets
See Tickets
Over the years I have spent well above £2000 in tickets with See Tickets. Yesterday I purchased a ...
Resolved 21 May 2015
Yodel has the worst service ever! All I want is my parcel! There's no phone service so I can actuall...
Yodel delivery is a joke, leaves a £50 parcel in a bush outside my house as thats apparently a 'saf...
Ovo Energy
OVO won't refund my credit!
It's now been 2 months since I left OVO energy and I still haven't had the £75 credit back, despite...
EDF Energy
EDF WTF - Don't waste your energy on these shysters
EDF "customer care" is clearing lacking. We are tenants that had a query with our quarterly bill (Ja...
Been waiting for a delivery since 9am - called in twice was told different info each time. Its not ...
Aldi has NO complaints proceedure
Resolved 01 May 2015
An Aldi product has destroyed my microwave. They don't even care. Apparently it's my fault even thou...
Playstation UK/EU Beware
Banned from PSN with no warning 10 days ago. It turns out a PayPal promotion had been unfulfilled an...
Awful Natwest!
I'm already a customer so was so very dissapointed that it took six weeks, 24 calls, two complaints ...
Weybridge Council
M&S and Tesco at Brooklands - Shameful neglect of motorsport heritage
Resolved 17 Apr 2015
The unique banked circuit at Brooklands was built in 1907 and is widely regarded as the birthplace o...
Vines BMW dealership in Guildford
Walk into Vines BMW and approach two receptionists behind their 'bunker' of a desk. I've obvioulsy i...
Waiting for an answer to emails and refund of the money Flybe promised at the start of December. Giv...
Avis Rent-A-Car
Avis Rent-A-Car
Reserved and paid for an SUV. Fiance works in a hospital as a nurse and got out of work late. Went t...
Abysmal Service at Sovereign Harbour @HarvesterUK , Eastbourne.
Literally had the worst dining experience ever this evening. Had to wait 30 minutes to even get a ta...
O2 - Customer for +10 years and this is how they treat you!
Updated my contract, which worked out better for me (at the time) by removing a dongle I was never u...
Burger King
Burger King - Chesterfield
Very disappointing trip to Burger King in Chrsterfield just now. Half the lights were not working, v...
Audi A3
so had minor accident 8 weeks ago - car went to specialist audi repair centre. Only it cannot be fi...
Vodafone Sure Start
I have just moved into an area that has really terrible vodafone signal. I decided to buy a sure sig...
double billed on visa card
Resolved 31 Jan 2015
Incorrect Debit /Fraudulent Charges on my Visa Card by JW Marriott Mumbai -03.01.15 JW Marriott tea...
American Airlines
American Airlines Refunds
Resolved 28 Jan 2015
In December I purchased an airline ticket for myself to travel to the Caribbean on American Airlines...
Goldsmiths click and collect
Resolved 19 Jan 2015
I found this service total and utter garbage. I purchased a certain watch on the wednesday which I w...
Argos - Meadowhall
Resolved 03 Jan 2015
Placed a reserve online this morning to save waiting in the queue only to be told at the pay machine...
Vodafone - No Service
Resolved 29 Dec 2014
Thanks for your text today about Red 4G. So I can now get Spotify Premium, Sky Sports Mobile TV, NOW...
British Telecom
Resolved 10 Dec 2014
After BT calling a few months ago and persuading my 76 year old parents to swtich to BT Infinity (wh...
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